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Here with us at you can take part in our full guide to California sports betting. Read more about each site licensed in CA, compare bonuses and payment methods. To find the best California sports betting site according for you.

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In the near future, expect California sports betting to be offered to residents within the state. Today, gambling is very present in the state and residents have access to about 50 land-based casinos and over 100 card rooms. But the lack of California sports betting sites echoes, and residents can neither go to a land-based California sports betting location, nor bet online.

Land-based California sports betting

Today, Californians can not bet on any sport at all in the state, except for horse racing. Land-based California sports betting echo the emptiness of the entire state and to be able to bet on their favorite teams in Californian is just to forget.

But how can sports betting legalization take so long? When both casinos and card rooms are in full swing and operating within the states. It’s hard to say, but there have been a number of bills that have been submitted regarding the legalization of California sports betting.

The latest is the bill submitted by the 18 tribal tribes, where the bill allows sports betting on tribal land as well as on licensed racinos in California. We do not yet know how it will go, but as soon as any news about it is released, we will update you.

Top California sports betting

Below our comparison list will be all the top California sports betting sites. With the help of our tools, you will easily be able to filter on bonuses, payment methods and so much more. Also, do not forget to read our full reviews on each California sports betting.

California sports betting welcome offers

Receive wonderful welcome offers from every sports betting site. Give your bet a jump start and double your deposit for California sports betting sites.

Live-odds with California sports betting

Live odds like never before. With California sports betting, you will be able to bet on games like never before.

Sports betting California 24/7 open

Sports betting California sites online are open 24 hours a day. So play whenever you want, wherever you want.

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Best online sports betting California

When California does like the several other states in the United States, that is, legalizes sports betting for online activities. In this guide, we will be able to present the best online sports betting California sites to you.

Until then, you can take part in preparatory information about online sports betting California, such as how to place bets in CA or what types of bets you will be able to make.

Sports betting California bet slips

Placing bets is not a bit difficult, it’s just a matter of figuring out what you want to bet on and which team you want to bet on. In addition to that, you will obviously need to make a registration on one of all online sports betting California sites before. But of course we will also go through that registration process with you.

Once you have chosen which sport, team or person you want to bet on, you need to think about the type of game you are interested in. Namely, it is possible to place bets on several different types of parts during one and the same match. We go through all the sports betting California when the legalization has taken place below.

Bet types for online sports betting California sites

At online sports betting California sites you will be able to place a number of different bets. This is so that the betting sites can make as many players as possible happy. In football, for example, you can bet on anything from the number of corners, free kicks, yellow cards or which player will score the first goal. So there are a number of different bets to place in CA and only you stop yourself from testing which one is your favorite.

Here are some of the bets that you may place, if California sports betting online is legalized.

  • Totals Bets
  • Over/Under Bets
  • Win Bets
  • Handicap Bets
  • Point Spread Bets
  • Specials

California sports betting teams

The world of sports is truly grateful to all the California sports teams who constantly make watching sports more fun. In CA, there are breathtakingly many sports teams that all succeed in their leagues. We understand if you residents of the state long to be able to place bets on them and win even when they win! Hopefully this will be possible for you in the near future, if California refuses to legalize online sports betting.

Some of the California sports teams you can bet on in the future:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (Baseball)
  • San Francisco Giants (Baseball)
  • San Francisco 49ers (Football)
  • Los Angeles Lakers (Basketball)
  • Golden State Warriors (Basketball)
  • Los Angeles Kings (Ice Hockey)
  • LA Galaxy (Soccer)

Why bet at online California sports betting sites?

There are a number of benefits to online California sports betting sites. Among those benefits, you will of course find the convenience, that they are open 24 hours a day and that you get to receive bonuses almost every week.

What do we mean by that it is convenient with online California sports betting? Well, with online sports betting in California, you do not have to go to a land-based California sports betting online but can place bets from home.

So the fact is that you will probably spend less money when you bet from home, This considering travel expenses, any drinks and food costs on the Sportsbook and the bets you will place.



Play from home. Avoid going to a land-based sportsbook and download one of the mobile sports betting apps instead.


Play 24/7

Online sports betting sites are open 24 hours a day. So play whenever you want at all hours of the day.


All sports on one site

All sporting events gathered on one page. Play baseball, football, basketball or volleyball. Here are all the sports you want.


Sports betting in California

When sports betting in California is legalized, we also hope that the online market will be affected. Because then you will start to be able to take part in sports betting in California, where several gaming companies have developed incredible apps. These apps make it possible for you to have an incredible gaming experience over the phone with simple registrations and deposits.

All Sports betting in California markets

Today, there are several gaming companies that have developed apps for their sports betting services. Among these you will find William Hill Sportsbook, Unibet Sportsbook and more.

You will probably see the sports betting in California markets also when the time is right. We have compared several states where online sports betting California are circulating and arrived at a list of the best sports betting in California. Probably all these sports betting markets will be available in the state of California soon.

  • Unibet California
  • SugarHouse Sports Betting California
  • 888 California Betting Site
  • BetMGM CA
  • William Hill California

Register for sports betting in California

The registration on a sports betting in California is super simple and can only be completed in a few minutes. The registration consists of a form that you as a new player must fill in for each one you want to register with.

The form is for each gaming company to be able to verify your identity and ensure that you meet the age requirement for real money sports betting in California. When everything is filled in, you get the opportunity to enter a possible bonus code, for example.

Double your deposit or similar.We have listed all our bonus codes for all sports betting in California in our comparison list above or below the “Promo codes” page.

  • First and lastname
  • Postal adress
  • Email adress
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number

Banking at California online sports betting

After registration and the selected bonus, you can choose to look around the California online sports betting, or make your first deposit. If you choose to make your first deposit with the selected California online sports betting, you will have a variety of payment methods to choose from.

When choosing a payment method, it is important that you choose one that you are comfortable with. Sometimes some companies may even require that the deposit be made with them so that you can make a possible withdrawal with them later.

If you want to read more about the payment methods for each California online sports betting, you can read our reviews about them. You can find these either in the comparison list or under our review page.

  • Online Banking – Instant
  • PayPal – Instant
  • Debit Cards (VISA/Electron/Maestro/Mastercard) – Instant
  • Credit Cards (VISA/Mastercard) – Instant
  • Skrill – Instant
  • PayNearMe
  • paysafecard

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Have Any Questions?

FAQ’s About CA online sports betting

Is online sports betting in California legal?

No. There is still no law that allows online sports betting in California.

Which CA online sports betting offers PayPal?

Because sports betting in CA is not legal, there are no legal sportsbooks operating within the state and therefore no one offering PayPal.

Can I win real money online at sports betting in California?

No, you can not win or play for real money on any sports betting site in California.

Can I place bets online in California?

No. You can not yet place bets online in California. But we hope that the state will soon change this.